Your Partner of Choice for Carbohydrates.


Situated in state of the art laboratories based in the Thames Valley Science Park (TVSP), Dextra is the leading provider of carbohydrate synthesis services. We have provided world leading innovative synthetic solutions to the total synthesis of challenging complex chiral molecules, frequently reducing the number of synthetic steps required to achieve the target compound. From a few milligrams to multi kilogram scale our chemists offer unparalled expertise in oligosaccharide and chiral chemistry.

Our core technologies include:
• Route design
• Excellence in process development, optimisation and scale-up
• Process validation
• Effective multi-step synthesis
• Technology transfer
Specialist manufacturing capabilities in:
• sugar – protein/solid support conjugation chemistry
• oxidation reactions
• lactones
• imino sugars
• unnatural L-sugars
• oligosaccharides

  • Dextra successfully delivered a number of novel nucleoside, nucleotide and carbohydrate targets for our company in a long standing collaboration, involving highly challenging chemistry and purification and against impressive timelines. The productive and rapid discussions between Dextra’s chemistry, analytical and business development departments and with our company were instrumental towards the completion of the projects. The range of expertise demonstrated by Dextra scientists led to synthetic issues being resolved in a timely manner and their input was key towards the progress achieved at a high level of quality. Dextra possesses a number of highly talented, skilled and dedicated chemists as well as supportive leadership and we have greatly appreciated their contributions. We would thoroughly recommend Dextra to companies who require medicinal chemistry and process development.

    Dr Alistair Stewart, Director CMC , Idenix Pharmaceuticals
  • Galecto Biotech has been very pleased to work with Dextra on a complex carbohydrate chemistry project. Dextra provided excellent service through route scouting, process development and delivery of toxicology and GMP API batches. Communication is open and honest and Galecto Biotech gladly recommends Dextra as a collaboration partner.

    Anders Pederson, Chief Operating Officer , Galecto Biotech
  • DFI has been pleased with Dextra who are a professional and adaptable company with high quality labs and talented staff. The Dextra team were able to resolve a complex reaction impurity profile through complimentary HPLC and IC methods, which contributed to the understanding and scale-up of our process. Communication has always been open and honest through regular teleconferences, meeting and reports. We recommend Dextra as a company to work with for research intended for industrial projects.

    Jonathan Stapley, Chief Technology Officer , DFI Corporation