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mAbsolute Complete Kit

mAbsolute Complete Kit
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Glycan analysis of IgG1 type monoclonal antibodies expressed in CHO cell lines

8 Neutral standards mixture including Man5, truncated MGF and biantennary structures covering >98% of glycans on CHO mAbs.

The kit also includes three 2,3-sialylated biantennary standards and a protocol for sialylated glycans stabilization.

Also includes a protocol for antibody denaturation helping the PNGase F to deglycosylate the Fab region.

mAbsolute kits have been optimized for the MALDI-TOF based absolute glycan quantification using Bruker Autoflex and UltrafleXtreme III equipment. Validation is on-going for the application of the kits to different MALDI-TOF instruments and to other mass spectrometry techniques.


Quantified 11-standard solution
Sialic acid derivatisation kit
Kit reagents
CarboClip glycan cleavage enzyme
mAbsolute quantification software
In high or low throughput format